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  • Manufacturer: CARDINAL HEALTH-PR



  • Constructed of 100% purified-cotton fibers for soft and natural cushioning; ideal for use with synthetic and plaster casting material.
  • Processed to minimize bulk and dimensional changes that lead to movement of padding under cast.
  • Retains consistency; wet and dry-product will not collapse as padding absorbs moisture.
  • Shortest fibers; hook-and-loop effect prevents pressure points, and combination of mild stretch and cohesiveness holds padding in place without shifting or bunching.
  • Available in a sterile blister pouch for postoperative casting applications and patient safety.
  • Extra loft and conformability.

Kendall WEBRIL II™ Undercast Padding 4" W x 4yds. L Nonsterile, Crimped Finish,

SKU: # 684221